DANIEL: The Kingdoms of Men & The Kingdom of God

DANIEL: The Kingdoms of Men & The Kingdom of God

Unseen Powers and the Ordinary Christian

Text: Ephesians 6:10–20 Main Idea: The devil and his demons are constantly fighting against God and his people, but God has given us everything we need to stand in the face of their attacks.

Unseen Powers

Text: Daniel 10:1–11:1 Main Idea:  God’s people are forever secure because our spiritual foes are no match for our infinitely powerful and ever-faithful God.

The Gordian Knot

Text: Daniel 9:24-27 Main Idea: God’s people can find comfort in the promise that God is always working for their highest good even when they struggle to grasp the process.

A Tutorial on Prayer

Text: Daniel 9:1-19 Main Point: When God’s people grasp the true nature of his character and the certainty of his promises, they are emboldened to pursue him in humble confession and confident prayer.
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