Mid-Week Discipleship

Mid-Week Discipleship

NOTE: In the Fall of 2021, we permanently moved our Sunday Morning Sunday School classes to Wednesday night. We made this decision for many reasons, but the two primary reasons are: (1) It gives us more time to teach and (2) It provided a meaningful opportunity to reconnect with our church family in the middle of the week. We are thankful to the Lord that this has only served to intensify our discipleship efforts as a church.


We believe that every Christian is called and gifted to minister in some capacity (1 Cor 12).  Our Mid-Week Discipleship classes meet on Wednesday nights, from 6:00-7:15 PM, and are our attempt to equip our children, teens and adults with the theological groundingBiblical world-view, and practical skills they need to pursue God, love people, and multiply fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

CHILDREN — 3 1/2 yrs through 5th Grade:

We are almost done! This year is the final portion of our study through the entire Bible using the Answers in Genesis Curriculum. This year our kids will be studying the New Testament from Pentecost until Revelation.

For more information about the curriculum, visit their website:



Have you ever wondered what the Bible means when it says we are to “Fear the Lord”? I have, and at times I’ve simply skipped over the phrase in the Bible because I don’t know what it means and what I’m supposed to do with it. In this little book, Michael Reeves does a fantastic job of helping us understand what the Fear of the Lord actually is. I think this 6-8 study will be very helpful for our teens, and I’m looking forward to diving into it with them!


It doesn’t matter whether you are a new Christian or you have been a Christian for decades, life hurts. In fact, more often than not, our greatest achievements and joys in life seem to be quickly follow by our greatest pains. But why? Why does life, and this world in which we live, seem to be against us? Well, you and I are not the first people to struggle with this question; King Solomon pressed into the very same question over 3,000 years ago in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Come join us on Wednesday nights as we press into some of the most perplexing questions in life. And it is my sincere hope that you will not only discover the way that this fallen world really works, but that you will discover how to find joy in the middle of it all.

– Pastor Mark