Mid-Week Discipleship

Mid-Week Discipleship

NOTE: In the Fall of 2021, we permanently moved our Sunday Morning Sunday School classes to Wednesday night. We made this decision for many reasons, but the two primary reasons are: (1) It gives us more time to teach and (2) It provided a meaningful opportunity to reconnect with our church family in the middle of the week. We are thankful to the Lord that this has only served to intensify our discipleship efforts as a church.


We believe that every Christian is called and gifted to minister in some capacity (1 Cor 12).  Our Mid-Week Discipleship classes meet on Wednesday nights, from 6:00-7:15 PM, and are our attempt to equip our children, teens and adults with the theological groundingBiblical world-view, and practical skills they need to pursue God, love people, and multiply fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

CHILDREN (3-1/2 yrs – 5th grade)

Last Fall, our classes for 3-1/2 years through 1st grade and 2nd-5th grade continued their studies of the Old Testament using the Answers Bible Curriculum. Our children wrapped up their time in the Old Testament and moved on to the Gospels in January.

The Answers in Genesis (AIG) curriculum seeks to provide our children with a comprehensive view of the Bible while emphasizing that our children need to know they can trust the Word of God. By mixing in apologetics, AIG focuses on instilling an appreciation for the authority and trustworthiness of Scripture.

In addition to learning the Bible, we will be focusing on helping our children learn the books of the Bible and memorize various Bible verses.

If you’d like to learn more about the children’s curriculum, CLICK HERE .

TEENS (6th – 12th grade)

Beginning in January, I will be leading our teens through the Gospel of John. I am really excited to walk with the students through this book. John presents a unique portrait of Jesus and his ministry, and we will be attempting to plumb the depths of this Gospel in order to let it reveal who Jesus is and respond to him with our whole lives. Yet we will not only be attempting to unpack the glorious picture of Jesus Christ found in the Gospel, we will also be seeking to help the students grow in their ability to independently study and apply God’s Word to their lives. From those who are just beginning, to those who are much more advanced, I’m praying this study will meet them where they are and take them to the next level.

Students will be assigned a section to read and study each week before class. Points toward the end-of-the-year reward will be given to those who complete their homework. For the first week, no homework is necessary.

Please join me in praying that God will use this study to deepen our student’s understanding and appreciation for Jesus Christ, and to help them learn how to study God’s Word more effectively.

–Pastor Ryan.


(Current Study)

Christians know what Jesus Christ has done–but who is he? What is his deepest heart for his people, weary and faltering on their journey toward heaven? Jesus said he is “gentle and lowly in heart.” This study will reflect on these words, opening up a neglected, yet central, truth about who he is for sinners and sufferers today. We invite you to join us!

The adult class meets in the Worship Center and is using Dane Ortlund’s “GENTLE and LOWLY – The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers”, with Nick Alford teaching.  Copies of the book are available, at no cost, for anyone in the OEFC Family who would like one.

(Previous Study for Adult Class, wrapped up February 9th)

Have you ever felt stuck in your Christian life? Have you struggled with the call to sanctification, feeling like you are just battling the same sins and issues over and over and over again? Have you bought self-help books that never really helped? Well, the truth of the matter is that virtually every Christian has experienced the very same difficulty. But that does not mean that we are powerless to change. No. The problem, as Lane and Tripp point out in their book, How People Change is that most Christians do not grasp the gospel’s power to bring real life change and increasing joy in Jesus Christ.

This study exposed the primary source of our failures and find the lasting hope and power we need to grow in grace and holiness.

The adult class was led by Pastor Mark, with other leaders of the church occasionally teaching the lesson.

Sessions:                              Audio:     Notes:
09/15/2021     Chapter 1      Listen       View/Print
09/22/2021     Chapter 2      N/A           View/Print
09/29/2021     Chapter 3      Listen       View/Print
10/06/2021     Chapter 4      Listen       View/Print
10/13/2021     Chapter 5      Listen       View/Print
10/20/2021     Chapter 6a    Listen       View/Print
10/27/2021     Chapter 6b    N/A          Same as above
11/03/2021     Chapter 7      N/A          View/Print
11/10/2021     Chapter 8      Listen       View/Print
11/17/2021     Chapter 9      N/A          View/Print
12/01/2021     Chapter 10a  N/A          View/Print
12/08/2021     Chapter 10b  N/A          View/Print
01/12/2022     Chapter 11    N/A          N/A
01/19/2022     Chapter 12    N/A          N/A
01/26/2022     Chapter 13    N/A          N/A
02/02/2022     Chapter 14    N/A          N/A
02/09/2022     Chapter 15    N/A          N/A