Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

The Flame Passes On

Text: Acts 28:30–31 Main Point: It’s your turn to joyfully embrace your privilege in God’s saving plan.

Hard Hearts and Amazing Grace

Text: Acts 28:11-28 Main Idea: God magnifies his grace to mankind, in that, he continues to send his gospel messengers to the most unresponsive audiences. 

Hope Without Apology

Text: Acts 26:1-32 Main Point: Resurrection hope is the assurance of future rewards because of our connection to the risen Christ.

In All Things God Works

Text: Acts 23:12-35 Main Point: Christians can find comfort and courage in the truth that God is actively working in the negative and positive results of our faithful gospel witness.

The Heart of the Conflict

Text: Acts 22:30-23:11 Main Point: Christians can endure the fiercest attacks when they are convinced that their adversaries are offended by their faithfulness to the gospel, not their sinfully offensive behavior.

The Source of Paul’s Courage

Text: Acts 21:27–22:24a Main Idea: A Christian’s courage flows from their conviction that faithfulness to Christ is more important than the possibility of suffering for Christ.