Sermons by Mark Kernan (Page 2)

Sermons by Mark Kernan (Page 2)

Treachery, Treasure, and Treason

Text: Mark 14:1–11 Main Idea: If greater knowledge about Jesus does not cause you to embrace him as your greatest hope and treasure, you will eventually trade him for another.

The Olivet Discourse – Part 1

Text: Mark 13:1-13 Main Idea:  Christian discipleship is a call to persevering gospel-centered faithfulness, not a fascination with end-times speculation.

True Devotion

Text:  Mark 12:38–44 Main Idea: True devotion is a matter of humble faith not overt acts of ostentatious piety. 

The Rejected Cornerstone

Text:  Mark 11:27–12:12 Main Idea: Spiritual leadership is reserved for those who recognize and embrace God’s authority, not those who wish to establish their own.