Sermons by Mark Kernan (Page 2)

Sermons by Mark Kernan (Page 2)

I Am Created in the Image of God

Text: Genesis 1:24–31 Main Point: Human beings exists to reflect the very character of God and to faithfully represent the sovereign rule of God in every aspect of our life.

I Am A Creature

Text: Psalm 8 Main Point: You will never find your “true identity” until you grasp your utter dependency.

The Empty Tomb

Text: Mark 15:42–16:8 Main Point: The resurrection vindicates Jesus’ entire ministry and opens the way for his fearful followers to become faithful disciples.

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Text: Mark 15:21-41 Main Point: It is impossible to grasp who Jesus is and why Jesus came apart from his shameful death on the cross. Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins so that we might be restored to God.

The Greatest Act of Injustice

Text: Mark 15:1-20 Main Point: Jesus silently endured the greatest act of injustice in the history of the world so that he might suffer and die in our place.

The Agony of Obedience

Text: Mark 14:32–52 Main Idea: Jesus overcame his greatest temptation through fervent prayer so that we might do the same.

Treachery, Treasure, and Treason

Text: Mark 14:1–11 Main Idea: If greater knowledge about Jesus does not cause you to embrace him as your greatest hope and treasure, you will eventually trade him for another.

The Olivet Discourse – Part 1

Text: Mark 13:1-13 Main Idea:  Christian discipleship is a call to persevering gospel-centered faithfulness, not a fascination with end-times speculation.