Joy in Unity

Joy in Unity

Joy In Unity
Text: P
hilippians 2:1-5

Greg Griesemer
May 5, 2024

A) Motivations for Unity (2:1-2)

Because we have _______________ so much from God and others and they __________________ our unity.

Homework: Internalize the Motivations

Spend some time writing out some ways that God and your spiritual leaders have patiently sacrificed for your benefit.

B) Marks of Unity (2:2)

1) Think like a Focused ____________.

2) Love like a Band of ______________.

3) Serve like _________________ Brothers.

Homework: Foster the Marks

Choose one brother or sister to begin spending time with to grow that “true family” feeling.

C) Method of Unity (2:3-4)

1) Repentance from _________________.

2) Humility in attitude and action.

Homework: Jump Start the Method

Begin praying for the success of another believer with whom you have felt some tension or found yourself in competition.