Gospel Perspective (part 2)

Gospel Perspective (part 2)

Gospel Perspective (part 2)
Text: Philippians 1:12–18

Main Idea (1:12–18): The gospel completely reshapes our perspective by redefining the nature of true success.

Question: How can Paul rejoice when disingenuous preachers preach the gospel for their own ends?

I.   Paul is passionate about gospel purity

A. Paul reserves his strongest language for those who prevent the gospel

B. Paul believes that the gospel is more than a “decision” for Jesus

II.  Paul is critiquing their motives NOT the content of their message (1:14–18)

A. Their Identity (1:14)

B.Their Motivations (1:15–17a)

C. Their Goal (1:17b)

D. Their Message (1:14; 18)

III. What can we learn from Paul today?

A. Learn to celebrate the important things

B. Learn the importance of theological triage