God is at work

God is at work

“God is at work”

Vision Sermon for Jan. 1, 2017

Nobody likes changes unless those changes produce something that is better than what they have experienced in the past. So what’s ahead for us at OEFC in 2017?

(Phil. 1:6) We have a God-given WORK to do.

(Matt. 22:35-40; Matt. 28:18-20) We have a God-given MISSION to achieve.

(Luke 9:23) We have a PATHWAY to follow.

(Acts 2:42) We have some desired CORE VALUES to guide us.

(Rom. 12:2) We have some CHANGES to make

Looking ahead in 2017:

The big idea: God is at work in and through us, so let’s make sure you and I join him in it.

My take home: