Four Spiritual Rules

Four Spiritual Rules

Four Spiritual Rules
Ephesians 5:15-21

(Eph 5:15-16)  God loves you and wants your every OPPORTUNITY to count for Him.

(Eph 5:17)  God will reveal His WILL to everyone who seeks it.

(Eph 5:18A)  A life controlled by everything other than GOD is wasted.

(Eph 5:18B-21)  A life controlled by God in every way is ENRICHED in every way.

  • (v. 19a) There will be OPEN COMMUNICATION.
  • (v. 19b) There will be SPIRIT-FILLED WORSHIP.
  • (v. 20)  There will be THANKFUL EXPRESSION.
  • (v. 21)  There will be MUTUAL SUBMISSION.

The Big Idea:  When you invite God to rule and control your life, you and our church will be blessed.