A Cry for Revival

A Cry for Revival

A Cry for Revival
Psalm 85:1-13

What is the greatest need in our country today? Is it jobs? Is it greater government support? Or is it less government control? How about a stronger military? You name it, and it will probably make other people’s list too. But how many would say revival from God? Is your heart crying out for revival like the voice of the psalmists recorded in Psalm 85? Listen to this four-fold cry from the heart.

(Ps. 85:1-3) O LORD, remember your work on our behalf.

(Ps. 85:4-7) O LORD, restore us again to our love relationship with you.

(Ps. 85:8-9) O LORD, speak to us so that we will follow you.

(Ps. 85:10-13) O LORD, lead us in your will.

The Big Idea:  For those who truly seek revival, the LORD will honor his promises and restore his people.