A Single Passion (Part 2)

A Single Passion (Part 2)

A Single Passion (Part 2)
Text: Philippians 3:8–16

Main Idea: Christian Maturity is a passionate life-long pursuit of intimacy with Jesus.

Main Question: What are the common barriers to this passionate pursuit of intimacy with Jesus?

I. An Incomplete Grasp of the Gospel (3:12–13a)

A. Justification by faith is just the beginning

B. “Pressing on” in Sanctification is the proper response to Christ’s unmerited favor

II. An Unhealthy Obsession with Memories of the Past (3:13b–14)

A. Past Accomplishments

B. Past Pain and Failure

III. Practical Implications (3:15–16)

A. Forgetting the past is not a call to ignore the past

B. Christian Maturity is a persistent “mindset” not a level of spiritual achievement