Sermons by Jim Keatley (Page 3)

Sermons by Jim Keatley (Page 3)

The Nature & Purpose of Salvation

Text: Romans 6:1-2 To experience the abundance of life Jesus promises us, it is vital to understand the nature & purpose of our salvation … as well as our identity in Christ. Paul introduces this great theme in verses 1-2 …

Bad News / Good News

Text: Romans 5:15-21 Paul contrasts the sin of Adam with the redemptive work of Christ to show that as devastating as Adam’s sin was and is, the grace of God in Christ is more than sufficient for our great salvation.

Our Ruin in Adam

Text: Romans 5:12-14 Our ruin in sin is much deeper than we think. Our sin is much more than the sins we commit. Our ruin in sin goes back to Adam. But Jesus more than meets our need!

Saved – Loved – Secure

Text: Romans 5:6-11 In verses 6-11, Paul continues to demonstrate our security through the love and power of God demonstrated in the cross … and through our rejoicing in God.

Hope through Suffering

Text: Romans 5:3-5 Suffering tempts us to doubt God’s goodness … until we understand that God has a purpose in our suffering … to fulfill His promise to form Christ in us. To that end, God’s purpose in suffering is:

Our Hope of Glory

Text: Romans 5:1-2 Paul has shown that everyone – from godless Gentiles to religious Jews and everyone in between – are sinners in need of salvation. He has shown that salvation is by faith in Jesus, not in our religious or moral efforts. So then having been saved or justified by faith in Jesus, the blessings of that salvation include:

The Day of Atonement / Booths

Text: Leviticus 16:20, 17:11, 23:27-32 / Leviticus 23:34-43 The feasts of Israel paint a faint portrait of Jesus’ life and ministry … the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Booths have lessons for today …

The Feast of Trumpets

Text: Leviticus 23:23-25, Numbers 29:1 The feasts of Israel paint a faint portrait of Jesus’ life and ministry … the Feast of Trumpets has yet to be fulfilled … what does it portray?

Growing Strong in Faith

Text: Romans 4:20 Jesus chides those who are subject to fear and doubt for their little faith … and He praises those with great faith. In Ro. 4:20 we are told that Abraham grew strong in faith. How can we grow strong in faith?

The Faith of Abraham

Text: Romans 4:17-25 Paul has shown that Abraham was saved by faith, not by works of the Law. Now he shows how he lived by faith. In both cases he is an example for us all. In seeing Abrahams faith in action we see the …