Philippians: In Step with the Gospel (Page 2)

Philippians: In Step with the Gospel (Page 2)

Proper Confidence

Text: Philippians 3:1–3 Main Idea: Confidence before God is not achieved through external identity markers, it is forever anchored in your identity in Jesus Christ.

Become Who You Are

Text: Philippians 2:14–18 Main Idea: God’s New Covenant children must work out their salvation with fear and trembling by consciously avoiding Israel’s failures.

Act the Miracle

Text: Philippians 2:12–13 Main Idea: If you really understand who Jesus is and what he has done for you, work out the salvation that he has already worked in you!

The Gospel-Centered Life (Part 2): A Clear Sign

Text:  Philippians 1:29-30 Main Question:  How is mission-focus and fearless faith in the face of gospel opposition a ‘clear sign’ from Godthat oppressors will be destroyed and that suffering believers will be saved? Main Idea (answer): Faith in Jesus and suffering for Jesus are divine gifts that demonstrate you truly belong to Jesus.

The Fruit of Christian Hedonism

Text: Philippians 1:21-26 Main Idea:  Love is the overflow of joy and satisfaction in God that gladly meets the needs of other people.