2014 Sermons

2014 Sermons


Text: Luke 2:21-35 Simeon is a wonderful example for us. Not because he did great things which few of us could ever do … but because God blessed him for living a life of faith … a life we are all called to live!

Cultivating Thankfulness

Text:  Col 3:16-17 (and more) Thankfulness makes for a joyful and peaceful heart and gives glory to God. But thankfulness does not come naturally … it must be cultivated.

God’s Transforming Promises

Text:  2 Peter 1:3-4 God’s promises are comprehensive. He not only promises help in time of need, but spiritual strength and resources to do His will and grow spiritually.

Persecution is Real!

Text:  Matt. 5:10-12 Because persecution is promised to believers, we must be reminded of its reality so we can respond to the suffering of others and be prepared for the possibility of our own …
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