Living Now in God’s Presence

Living Now in God’s Presence

Living Now in God’s Presence”
Psalm 15:1-5

Psalm 15 is a short Psalm written by David, but its words contain a manual for men who want to live holy lives in the presence of God. This is a Psalm about who God wants to spend time with in worship and fellowship. It is especially appropriate for men on this Father’s Day who want their lives to shape their families, their church, and their community.

(Ps. 15:1-2a) Let your walk be governed by a righteous heart.

(Ps. 15:2b-4) Let your words be governed by right relationships.

(Ps. 15:5a) Let your wealth be governed by right motives.

The Big Idea: If you want to enjoy your relationship with God and influence others to follow Him, you must continually reflect his character with his help.

My take home: