Sermon Discussion: Scandalous Kingdom

Sermon Discussion: Scandalous Kingdom

Sermon Discussion Questions: Scandalous Kingdom

Mark 2:13–3:6

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon from March 11, 2019 “Scandalous Kingdom.” These questions can be used for discussion in small groups, family devotions, or for personal reflection. (PDF Link)

Main Idea: Jesus came to save undeserving sinners not congratulate self-righteous rule keepers.

I. The “Saints”
II. The “Sinners”
III. The Scandal

A. Jesus didn’t come to condemn religious outsiders (2:13–17)
B. Jesus didn’t come to promote religious piety (2:18–22)
C. Jesus didn’t come to endorse religious traditions (2:23–3:6)

Discussion Questions:

1. How did the Pharisees’ original, well-intentioned, pursuit of obedience and holiness evolve into the judgmental, burdensome religiosity of Jesus’ day? (Cf. Matt 23:1–7)

2. Have you ever witnessed this unplanned evolution in your Christian life? Describe how.

3. Why was it so outrageous for Jesus to have dinner with Levi and his friends?

4. How does Mark contrast the mission of Jesus and the Pharisees?

5. How should the physician metaphor impact our interactions with unbelievers?

6. How does the parable of the patch and the wineskins help us understand Jesus’ relationship to the Mosaic Covenant (Deut 30:6; Jer 31:31–34)?

7. How might your “religious rules”—your personal “buffer zones” above and beyond God’s commands—cause you to sin against other people? (Consider the two sabbath conflicts).

1. Are you maintaining defensive boundaries against the people who need Jesus the most or pursuing opportunities for gospel-interaction?

2. Why do overly prescriptive “high bar” standards of Christian piety usually fail? (Cf. Col 2:20–23)

3. How were you personally impacted by this message?

4. What do you sense God calling you to do as a result of this message?

5. Identify one or two people in your circle of influence that need Jesus and add them to your group’s prayer list so that you can all pray for your boldness and their salvation.