Sermon Discussion: How to Receive the Kingdom

Sermon Discussion: How to Receive the Kingdom

Sermon Discussion Questions: How to Receive the Kingdom
Mark 10:13­–16

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon from November 3, 2019; “How to Receive the Kingdom.” These questions can be used for discussion in small groups, family devotions, or for personal reflection. (PDF)

Main Idea: Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it (Mark 10:15).

Discussion Questions:
1. How does Mark 10:13–16 relate to Mark 9:33–41?

2. How do the key truths in Mark 9:33–41 help us understand why Jesus is so upset with his disciples in Mark 10:13–16?

3. How do the little children coming to Jesus depict the kind of person that receives the Kingdom of God?

4. Identify the various ways that Paul emphasizes the very same idea in 1 Corinthians 1:20–31.

5. How does Mark 10:13–16 help us understand what it means to “repent” and “believe” the gospel (Mark 1:14–15)? How would you explain repentance to someone who didn’t grow up in the church? How would you describe belief to someone who never grew up in the church?

Application Questions:
1. What do your daily interactions with unbelieving family, friends, and coworkers communicate about the Kingdom of God? Do they sense that Jesus is eager to receive them or that Jesus isn’t very interested in them?

2. How might Romans 3:21–26 protect you and I from becoming prideful, arrogant, and dismissive Christians as we are continually confronted by the moral condition of our culture?

3. How might Romans 3:21–26 encourage you to befriend unbelievers who have no regard for God or his commands?

4. How can the truths in Romans 3:21–26 help you delight more and more in God? (List as many as your group can identify).

5. What can you take from this sermon and share with others in your life?