Sermon Discussion: Treachery, Treasure, and Treason

Sermon Discussion: Treachery, Treasure, and Treason

Sermon Discussion: Treachery, Treasure, and Treason
Mark 14:1–11

Main Idea: If greater knowledge about Jesus does not cause you to embrace him as your greatest hope and treasure, you will eventually trade him for another.

I. The Leaders’ Treachery (14:1–2)
II. The Woman’s Treasure (14:3–9)
III. The Treasonous Disciple (14:10–11)

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the religious leaders’ hatred of Jesus and fear of a riot expose the sad reality that they treasured the opinions of men more than they treasured God himself?
  2. How does Mark intentionally depict this woman as an “outsider.”
  3. How does her extravagant act of worship reveal her true treasure?
  4. How does the disciples’ “indignant” response expose the reality that this unnamed woman has greater insight into the nature and worth of Jesus than they do?
  5. Why was it proper to “waste” this expensive ointment on Jesus instead of donating it to the poor?
  6. How does Judas’ act of betrayal expose the true treasure of his heart?
  7. How does the sandwich structure of this text help us see who the true “insider” and example of true discipleship is in this text?

Application Questions:

In Judas’ act of betrayal we see the sobering truth that: Affinity for Jesus, proximity to Jesus, service for Jesus, and knowledge about Jesus are not the same thing as true repentance and faith in Jesus.

  1. What impacted you the most in this message?
  2. How does this truth help us understand that consistent church attendance is not necessarily an indication of true faith in Jesus?
  3. How should this truth guide our conversations with our children, grand children, spouses or individuals that we are mentoring?
  4. How should this truth guide impact our ministries in the local church?
  5. How should this truth impact you today? (1) Are you keeping watch over your heart when it comes to how you treasure and value Jesus? (2) What earthly treasures do you need to cast down this week so that Christ has first place?