Sermon Discussion- The Olivet Discourse Part 2

Sermon Discussion- The Olivet Discourse Part 2

The Olivet Discourse- Part 2
Mark 13:124–27

Main Idea: Perseverance is fueled by steadfast hope in the second coming not fervent sign-watching.

Discussion Questions:

1. How does Daniel 11:31–36 and its historical fulfillment in 167 B.C. help us understand the kind of event that Jesus’ is warning his disciples about in Mark 13:14?

2. Why would Jesus’ exhortation to run for the hills without packing provisions seem counterintuitive to his disciples and the first-century readers of this Gospel?

3. What are the three primary ways that Biblical Scholars interpret verses 14–23?

4. What are some strengths and weakness to each of these views? In your discussion remember the proponents of these three positions are fervent defenders of the gospel of Jesus Christ and agree that he will literally return in glory (1st order doctrines) through they may disagree about the exact timing of end-times events (3rd order doctrines).

5. Why should disciples of every age disregard claims of Christ’s return even if they are substantiated by significant miracles?

6. How does Daniel 7:13-14 help us understand why Jesus refers to himself as “the son of man” especially in Mark 13:26–27? (Cf. Mark 14:62)

Application Questions:

7. How should the second coming of Jesus give you greater hope and endurance today as you live your Christian life?

8. How might the promise of the second coming fuel your perseverance in the face rising persecution or periods of incredible difficulty? Try to be specific.

9. Read 1 Peter 4:7-11. (1) Identify the four primary characteristic that should mark every Christian who is living in light of the end. (2) Discuss how these four characteristics enable us to be salt and light in any situation until Jesus returns. (3) Which characteristic needs the most amount of work in your life right now? (4) How can you start working on it this week?

10. If you truly believe that Jesus is returning in glory, who do you need to be sharing the gospel with today?