Sermon Discussion: The Greatest Commandment

Sermon Discussion: The Greatest Commandment

Sermon Discussion Questions: The Greatest Commandment

Mark 12:28–34

Main Idea: The Greatest Commandment exposes our failure and desperate need for a Savior.

Discussion Questions:
1. In what ways does the affirmation “The LORD out God, the LORD is one” anchor the demands of the Greatest Commandment?

2. What does it mean to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength?

3. How does the adverb “all” (Mark 12:29) help us understand the true depths of this first command?

4. What does it really mean to “love your neighbor as yourself?”

5. According to Jesus, who is your neighbor? (Cf. Luke 10:29–37)

6. How do these two commands encapsulate every other commandment?

7. How might you explain the fundamental relationship between these two commands?

8. Why is obeying the Greatest Commandment “much more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices” (Mark 12:33)? Didn’t God command Israel to offer sacrifices?

9. Why does Jesus tell this man that he is “not far from the kingdom of God” even though he agrees with everything that Jesus has said?

Application Questions:
10. What impacted you the most in this week’s sermon?

11. How would you respond the assertion that “The Greatest Commandment is simply a summary of the gospel?”

12. How is an unbeliever’s relationship to the Great Commandment necessarily different than a believer’s?

13. How can the Greatest Commandment help believers gauge their faithfulness and spiritual growth?

14. How can the requirements of the Greatest Commandment help you share the gospel with someone trusting in their good works?

15. How do you sense God calling you to respond to this message?