Sermon Discussion: The Essence of Christian Discipleship

Sermon Discussion: The Essence of Christian Discipleship

Sermon Discussion Questions: The Essence of Christian Discipleship
Matt 28:18–20

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon from September 30th , “The Essence of Christian Discipleship.” These questions can be used for discussion in small groups, family devotions, or for personal reflection. (PDF Link)

Main Question: What is the essence of Christian discipleship?

I. A Personal Relationship NOT a List of Rules
II. A Radical Reorientation NOT a Casual Association
III. A Genuine Delight Not a Grudging Duty

Discussion Questions:
1. How has the concept of discipleship been confusing / frustrating to you over the years?

2. Read Matthew 28:18–20, how do these verse help us see that discipleship is not a program or a stage of Christianity but a lifestyle?

3. How can the truth that biblical discipleship is following and learning a person not just proficiency in academic knowledge, professional skills, or spiritual disciplines help you assess and refocus your life of discipleship?

4. How might God’s disposition to blind, broken, self-deluded sinners in Isaiah 55:1–7 and Matthew 11:28–30 help rekindle and/or fuel your delight in Jesus? As a group, spend some time expanding this list and discuss how these other verses can help us avoid and overcome spiritual apathy.

5. In the sermon pastor Mark shared an illustration of two dancers.

What was the difference between the two dancers and their dancing?
How does this illustration help us understand why so many “discipleship” efforts fall
How does this illustration help you better understand what is going on in your life of
discipleship is today?