Sermon Discussion: The Empty Tomb

Sermon Discussion: The Empty Tomb

Sermon Discussion: The Empty Tomb
Mark 15:42–16:8

Main Idea: The resurrection vindicates Jesus’ entire ministry and opens the way for his fearful followers to become faithful disciples.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why does Mark spend six verses (Mark 15:42–47) on the burial of Jesus?

2. What is the surprising irony of resurrection Sunday?

3. What does the resurrection imply about Jesus himself? (Romans 1:1–4) Why is this important?

4. Why doesn’t the angel tell the women to bring the disciples back to the empty tomb (Mark 16:6–7)?

5. How does the angel’s message to the disciples help us see God’s amazing grace in the midst of their failures and faithlessness?

Application Questions:

6. What impacted you the most in this message?

7. How do you feel when you stumble or fall in your discipleship?

8. How can the truth that faithful discipleship isn’t devoid of significant failures help you turn back in repentance when you fall?

9. How can truly believing the indicative realities of Colossians 2:13–14 help you overcome the shame of your failures and restore your joy in God?

10. Is there anything you feel like you need to share with someone else from this message? What is it? And who do you need to share it with?