Sermon Discussion: I Am A Creature

Sermon Discussion: I Am A Creature

Sermon Discussion: I Am A Creature
Psalm 8:1–9

Main Idea: You will never find your “true identity” until you grasp your utter dependency.

Discussion Questions: Read Psalm 8 together before answering questions.

1. How do you introduce yourself? What do you think is important for others to know about you? How does this reflect the way you define yourself?

2. Have you ever had an “identity crisis” or an experience that caused you to question your sense of self / self-worth? (Common identity markers: your physical body, your employment, your relationships, your roles, your achievements, your past mistakes, your personal thoughts and feelings about yourself, or what other people think about you)

3. How did this impact your life? Do you live differently because of this?

3. As we consider our identity in light of Psalm 8:

What does the LORD’s name (Yahweh) really mean? (Exod 3:14–14)
What does the night sky reveal about Yahweh? (Psalm 8:3)
What does the majesty of night sky reveal cause David to realize about himself and mankind as a whole? Or to put it another way, what is the most basic characteristic about humans according to Psalm 8:4?
Why does David’s consideration of astronomy and human anthropology drive him to his knees in heart-felt doxology? (Psalm 8:5–8)

4. What three aspects of our dependence did pastor Mark highlight in his sermon?


5. If the most basic characteristic of humans is that we are utterly dependent God:

How might this utter dependence protect us from pursuing our ultimate sense identity and sense of self-worth in the common identity markers (above)?
How might these common identity markers actually encourage us to glorify God and enjoy him forever?

6. What do you sense God calling you to do or do differently as a result of this message?

7. Is there anything you feel like you need to share with someone else from this message? What is it? And who do you need to share it with?