Sermon Discussion: Pursue Joy in Humble Sevice

Sermon Discussion: Pursue Joy in Humble Sevice

Philippians 2:1–4

The following outline and discussion questions have been prepared to accompany the sermon from April 22, “Pursue Joy” (Phil 2:1–4). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups, family devotions, or for personal reflection. (Click for PDF)

Main Idea: The joy of Christian unity begins with you.

Sermon Outline:
I. Your New Life in Christ (Phil 2:1)
II. Your Humble Pursuit of Gospel Unity (Phil 2:2–4)
III. Your Passionate Pursuit of Joy in Jesus

Discussion Questions:

1. Why does Paul ask all these questions? Is he concerned that they are not saved?

2.How does Paul’s command in Phil 2:2–4 help us understand HOW to fulfill his command in Phil 1:27 to “stand firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side-by-side for the faith of the gospel”?

3.What is our primary motivation in pursuing gospel unity (Duty or Joy)? Explain.

4.When Paul tells the Philippians to have the “same mind” or “one mind” what is he calling them to?

5.Who is the primary example of this “mind” that he wants them to have?

6.Is this mind exemplified in an attitude or content of belief or preferences? Not of the same opinion, but of the same attitude.

7.How is this attitude better at building “gospel unity” than rigid conformity?

8.According to Paul what are the two greatest barriers to unity in Phil 2:3–4.

9.How are selfish ambition (vs 3) and self-absorption (vs 4) an obstruction to doing what Paul is telling us to do?

10.What is the key to overcoming these obstructions (verse 3)?

11.Examine the following verses and discuss how they help us pursue unity in the church?

•John 15:13
•Romans 12:9–21
•Ephesians 4:1–3
•Colossians 3:12–15
•Romans 15:1
•1 John 3:17
•Galatians 5:13
•Ephesians 5:21
•1 Peter 5:5