Equipping for Ministry (Wednesday Nights)

Equipping for Ministry (Wednesday Nights)

Note: Wednesday Night E4M follows current Sunday Morning COVID protocols.

  1. All attendees over the age of 2-years old need to wear a face covering while in the building (i.e., mask, bandana, acrylic face shield).
  2. Seating will be adjusted to best meet distancing requirements.
  3. Classes will conclude at 7:15pm to better serve our youngest children.

Equipping For Ministry

We believe that every Christian is called and gifted to minister in some capacity (1 Cor 12). The Equipping For Ministry (E4M) classes currently meeting on Wednesday nights, from 6:00-7:30 PM, are our attempt to equip our children, teens and adults with the theological groundingBiblical world-view, and practical skills they need to pursue God, love people, and multiply fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

CHILDREN (3-1/2 yrs – 5th grade)

Our E4M classes for 3-1/2 years through 1st grade and 2nd-5th grade will be continuing in their studies of the Old Testament using the Answers Bible Curriculum, which is focused on teaching children to see Christ in all of the Bible. Each unit will be attempting to explain how the story is pointing to Christ. Additionally, in each unit the kids will learn two verses with the help of songs. It is going to be a great year of seeing more of Jesus! If you’d like to learn more about the curriculum, CLICK HERE .

TEENS (6th – 12th grade)

Our 6th-12th graders, are diving into the Gospel Foundations Curriculum. The goal is to help our youth trace the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, showing them how all the pieces fit together into a unified whole, a whole which points to Christ. We are trusting the Spirit to help our teens each week to see more of Jesus as they unfold the plan of redemption. If you’d like to see a sample of what they will be learning, follow this LINK.


Throughout my time here a number of parents and other adults have told me that they have never had an opportunity to study basic Bible doctrine. Well, I’m excited to announce that we will be delving into this very important topic this fall. But, as we do I want you to know that this class isn’t about becoming theological know-it-alls. Rather, it’s about developing a Biblical worldview that will help us trust and treasure God more than we did before.

We meet in the Worship Center, and are using the simple little book Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know by Dr. Wayne Grudem who served as the chairman of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (our Free Church seminary) for 20 years.       –Pastor Mark

Books for adult class are available through Amazon.com.